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In 2000 David Leonardi established in Città di Castello the first Umbrian branch of Leonardi, a limited liability company working in intermediation of real estate activity. In the wake of the success met in the zone, on the 12th October 2005 Leonardi Real Estate acquires "Real estate Planet" a thriving agency in San Giustino district. The appointments increase and so we begun the investments in human resources to offer a suitable and always best service to our clientele.

Our areas of expertise are mainly Tuscany and Umbria but, after various requests from our customers, we have specialized, also in consulting for real estate auctions, debt write-offs and investment operations for our customers who want to invest in more profitable ways.

In 2007 David Leonardi opened the first Romanian branch of Leonardi in Brasov, which is a very important centre, both economically and touristically in the heart of Transylvania, the richest region and naturalistically attractive of Romania. So they started the planning for the first strategies of marketing and international communication. The whole exploiting the floridness of the real estate market in Romania and the continuous increase of the prices due to the considerable request of properties and lands, not supported by a commensurate offer.

Agenzia Immobiliare Leonardi David
12 10 2018 Party for the first 15 years of activity
Agenzia Immobiliare Leonardi David


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